Animation Webtoons is the creative animation and digital ink & paint facility of Sriven. Creative teams of animators work in equally creative environs. Line test equipment supports the decision making in the process of animation. An in-house training facility provides continuous education to all artists to keep improving and honing their skills. Sriven spares no efforts in investing on human resource development. It has brought together a dream team of animators from all over the country and abroad to work in what can truly be called India's most creative and cosmopolitan animation studio. A well planned stock option programme, the ability to instill a sense of pride into every employee and the artist-centric design of the entire studio shows that it is human skill that the company wishes to nurture and exploit for commercial purposes. The digital ink and paint infrastructure at Webtoons is one of the best in India. On the hardware side, Sriven has invested into 50 DELL workstations at this facility. Every system has dual PIII processor support, 256+ MB of RD-RAM, 13+ GB disk space and is connected on a fast-switched LAN to file servers. The servers are themselves available for access to the compositing workstations. Internet connectivity and a dedicated FTP server allow clients to stay in constant touch with work in progress. Sriven has partnered with Toon Boom Technologies of Canada to set up 24 dedicated workstations with US Animation V-5 software, the leading vector-based digital ink & paint and compositing software for cartoon animation. This makes the studio the largest single installation of US Animation in India. While the software lets one do traditional ink & paint for TV and film, it has the capability to output optimized animation in a Flash format for the web. 12 licences are used for training potential talent in US Animation at Sriven's Education Centre. Additionally, Webtoons has invested in 25 licences of Retas! Pro software from CelSys. Retas! Pro is the largest selling Japanese software for digital ink & paint. The software lets the studio do traditional TV ink & paint at blazing speeds. Apart from these, Sriven has invested in seats of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects, Macromedia Flash, Ultimatte and Digital Fusion. The compositing workstations are connected to DPS Velocity 3-D DX systems for compositing in real-time. Support for delivering files on Betacam-SP, DVCAM, CD-ROM, as MPEG II stream, on JAZZ, etc are provided for. The infrastructure has been deployed to facilitate the working of 2 (and on special requirement 3) shifts in ink & paint. A model animation studio has been developed for creating clay and puppet animation. Apart from special material and armatures, the studio has its own DVCAM camera connected to a DPS Perception based capture system.

Multimedia Sriven's multimedia studios are an investment into non-compromising quality delivering content design and development, graphics design, digital photography, video and authoring. With 35 DELL workstations and desktops, networked on a high-speed LAN, the studios present unlimited possibilities in any sphere of true multimedia development. A team of dedicated software engineers, project leaders and programmers work on 50 DELL workstations. Leased Internet connectivity and telephone lines connect dedicated servers from here to all its other developmental centers around the city.





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