Mr.V.V.Subrahmanyam Chairman - Managing Director

Dr. Neeraj Raj

Executive Director

The Chairman of the Company is Mr. V. V. Subrahmanyam, B.Com, FCA .After qualifying as Chartered Accountant, Mr. Subrahmanyam was in practice for about 5 years before promoting Sriven Corporate Services Private Limited in 1992. Sriven Corporate Services recorded enviable growth in a very short period as Registrars and Share Transfer Agents.The company rose to become the 3rd largest Registrar of Public Issues in the country, having successfully handled nearly 150 Public Issues during the period 1993-97. Believing in the potential of IT, Mr. Subrahmanyam, armed with expertise of Data management and HR skills, intelligently diversified his activities into Software Business by promoting Sriven Infotech Private Limited (now Sriven Multitech Ltd)in July 1997


Dr. Neeraj Raj is the man behind the highly sophisticated multimedia division of Sriven Multitech Ltd. A Doctor by profession and an accomplished artist and cartoonist, Dr. Neeraj Raj combined Medicine and Art to start medicoms in 1989. By 1993 he established MedRC to make medical teaching/learning material for over 2000 clients.One of the firsts to recognize the potential of multimedia in India, Dr.Neeraj pioneered multimedia in the region by starting Dr. Neeraj's Multimedia Studios in 1995.


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